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Food, glorious food.  Welcome to my blog:  a celebration of all things edible, quaffable and, most importantly, enjoyable.


This blog is intended to be a light hearted journey to discover our relationships with food.  It will not take itself too seriously and is purely intended to create, share and enjoy the experiences we have with food.  That can take many different forms – eating, reading, sharing and reflecting.  I don’t intend to restrict myself to any one single one.  Life is far too short for that.


We all have relationships with food.  Much like our other relationships some are good, some are bad, others are just down right ugly.  Like it or not food is a barometer for our emotions.  Food sustains us, invigorates us, soothes and comforts us.  We celebrate with food, we reminisce with it, love with it, we indulge in it and we express our creativity through it.  You might say our food defines us.


I hope this blog will be about enjoying food but also reflect that times have changed.  It is possible, I have discovered, to cook fabulous food inexpensively.  It is also immensely fun and challenging to experiment in economising and to challenge our perceptions.  Healthy can be happy and affordable…. But a little indulgence now and again never hurt anyone.


And so this is my mixed shopping bag of a blog.  So feel free to dip in and, if it takes your fancy, join me for the journey.  It won’t be prescriptive and I can only promise one thing – the odd unexpected item in the bagging area!


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